"We apply a framework to new buildings so we can make comparisons on a cost-by-cost basis. Now we have all our information at our fingertips instead of having to go through reams of paper."
Rom D'Angelo
Manager of Operations and Management, Corporate Buildings and Real Estate division
City of Hamilton, ON

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ARCHIBUS IoT Solutions for Smart Buildings

Space Planning & Occupancy Management

The ARCHIBUS Difference

Experience counts, as well as Expertise. World class ARCHIBUS IoT Solutions for smart buildings are a result of the experience and expertise gained helping organizations maximize the value of their space.

Every second of every day, ARCHIBUS  customers utilize the powerful software  capabilities of ARCHIBUS to make  space- saving, revenue-generating, and  productivity-enhancing decisions that  impact their real estate portfolios.

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Stragegic Space Planning - Supporting Business Goals Throughout the Enterprise

With real estate being a key cost driver for any enterprise initiative, robust facilities portfolio planning is central to every organization’s success—and strategic space planners manage a highly complex process that must meet business needs.

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Maximize the Value of your Real Estate Assets

While organizations have awakened to the impact that their real estate portfolios impose on annual costs, many have not yet made the leap from a portfolio strategy that controls costs to one that also creates value.

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Enterprise Asset Management - Track Every Fixed Asset in One Strategic System

Avoid misplaced, underused, and degraded assets by tracking all your fixed assets in one accurate database. ARCHIBUS Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) is an application designed to maximize asset value by optimizing asset distribution, usage, and maintenance

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Driving Business Transformation with ARCHIBUS

Today’s organizations are navigating through a rapidly changing—and always challenging—business environment by deploying their capital with discipline, developing frameworks to maximize ROI, and aligning the real estate portfolio with overall strategy and infrastructure priorities.

This makes it imperative that everyone in the organization—from the boardroom to the equipment room—makes decisions informed by the right information. This can be unlocked by solutions that are more powerful than ever before.

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Web Central Product Overview Book

Harness the power of the Web to share information and distribute self-service work processes throughout your organization

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Solution Overview: Geospatial Extensions for ArcGIS

17 page overview of how ARCHIBUS and ESRI technology can be combined to provide powerful geospatial capabilities to optimize your existing real estate, facility and infrastructure portfolio.

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Geospatial Extensions for ESRI for Commercial Organizations

Achieve Competitive Advantage Through Intuitive Business Transformation.

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ARCHIBUS for Healthcare Organizations

4 page overview describing ARCHIBUS benefits when deployed at healthcare organizations.

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ARCHIBUS for Educational Institutions

4 page overview highlighting ARCHIBUS benefits when deployed at Higher Education and K-12 systems.

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ARCHIBUS and ESRI for Federal Government

Gain Geospatial Intelligence that Transforms Your Mission

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ARCHIBUS for Governmental Organizations

4 page overview describing ARCHIBUS benefits when deployed at governmental institutions

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Visualize your Facilities, Strategize your Future

Facilities and Infrastructure Management Solutions from ARCHIBUS and Autodesk

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Windows Client/Server Product Overview Book

Comprehensive 55 page document that reviews product functionality and company capabilities

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Strategies for Reducing Total Cost of Occupancy
Today’s organizations are navigating through an always changing — and challenging — business environment by aggressively cutting costs, redeploying resources to focus on core missions, and fast-tracking projects that deliver on market opportunities. Now is the time for everyone in the organization — from the boardroom to the equipment room — to pursue these goals by using effective business strategies.
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Introduction to ARCHIBUS

Transforming Organizations to Reduce Costs, Mitigate Risk, and Optimize Service Levels

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Banker & Tradesman Article - Enterprise Information Modeling

Banker & Tradesman
Making Sense (And Dollars)
From Information Te

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