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"We wanted to demonstrate that the electronic capture and presentation of information could add value to the task of assessing a building’s condition. This enhances the capabilities of our existing ARCHIBUS implementation and reinforces its value as a facility management tool."
Bonnie Monteith
Facilities Management Systems Analyst
St. Joseph’s Health Care London

ARCHIBUS Users' Groups: A Great Way to Learn from Others…Worldwide

ARCHIBUS Users' Groups (AUGs) are a great way to learn, in person, from other users in your area (and remotely—virtually—from users anywhere in the world, whenever AUG meetings are accessible via WebEx)—whatever your skill level.

Regular, casual meetings often reveal new ways to apply ARCHIBUS to common facilities management challenges, and members benefit from a more active relationship with ARCHIBUS, Inc.

Users' Group Benefits

  • Subscription to electronic newsletter, The ARCHIBUS Asset
  • Discounts on the full International ARCHIBUS Nexus (Users' Conference) registration
  • Authorized use of the customized ARCHIBUS Users' Group logo
  • Links to Users' Group information online:  Users can post questions and facilities-related interests in Users' Forum to help AUG leaders plan meeting programs and to attract responses from other AUG members and ARCHIBUS Customer Services
  • Opportunity to post upcoming Users' Group meetings on the ARCHIBUS Events page
  • Option to have ARCHIBUS, Inc., send invitations to new users in your area and to other users who have not been active in a Users' Group, as well as to members of your Users' Group
  • Opportunities for visibility through editorials in The ARCHIBUS Asset e-newsletter

"If you want to learn something new about ARCHIBUS, get infused with knowledge, collaborate with colleagues near and far, or show off your ARCHIBUS skills and deployment, then Boston AUG is the place to be. Whether you’re from private industry, higher education, banking, the federal government—whatever—it doesn’t matter: the exchange of ideas and establishment of focused learning communities around various ARCHIBUS modules has been invaluable for attendees. I am proud to be the Boston / New England AUG Leader. Come see what our group has to offer. I promise you won’t be disappointed!"


—Scott Shader, former Senior Director, Space Management and Planning, University of Massachusetts Medical School, and former Leader, Boston / New England ARCHIBUS Users’ Group

Join the Boston / New England AUG here  (You need not work in New England to participate)

Users' Group Guidelines

  • To be considered active, a Users' Group must register with ARCHIBUS, Inc. (contact the AUGs Coordinator for more information), identify at least one (co-)leader, hold at least two meetings per year, and have representation at the annual ARCHIBUS Nexus (Users' Conference)
  • Each Users' Group must provide annually a complete member roster, including mailing and e-mail addresses
  • ARCHIBUS, Inc., reserves the right to withhold Users' Group privileges

"My group in Dayton, Ohio, is responsible for the company's global holdings. I manage the ARCHIBUS system and our internal Corporate web sites covering 194 buildings' mostly leased space:  5.3 million square feet. We've had ARCHIBUS 10 years, primarily for space management, planning seating assignments for 25,000 employees … also project management, and will be adding applications. I've been Tri-State AUG leader for two and a half years. Meetings are usually half technical, half operational: how people are using ARCHIBUS and how they can use it more effectively to solve problems. Feedback has been good:  It's an effective way to share technical tips, and just getting together is motivational because we can see what others are doing with ARCHIBUS, which helps generate excitement."


—Randy Dinnison, CFM, Facilities Administration Manager, Reed Elsevier, and Leader, Tri-State ARCHIBUS Users’ Group

Join the Tri-State AUG (Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, West Virginia) here  (You need not work in the Tri-State area to participate)

Tips for Leading a Users' Group

  • Consider rotating meeting locations to share the responsibility of hosting meetings among various users. Rotation also provides users a chance to peek behind the scenes at other facilities.
  • Training, user case studies, and Tips & Tricks are popular meeting topics, and breakout groups a popular format. Local Business Partners also may be able to help schedule informational sessions and meeting venues.
  • ARCHIBUS, Inc., provides Users’ Group incentives free of charge; your group may still want to establish dues to cover meeting costs, however.
  • Promote your efforts! Regional Users’ Group meetings are a great forum in which to share accomplishments before these are presented in a more structured environment, such as at ARCHIBUS Nexus or other industry events.
  • Consider offering cross-registration privileges with other area groups, such as Users’ Groups for AutoCAD and Esri, to add to members' knowledge base and increase group membership.

"At the end of the day, there’s a bunch of us sitting in a little room someplace that have to make it work. And we’re all wondering what the vision is....  So I started a Users’ Group.  My passion is to have us connect to share lessons learned, explain essentials—because most of us started a career in facility management, and now we’re stuck in IT half our lives … I counted seats and chairs for a long time; now a computer does it, and my job is not necessarily easier—it’s different. AUG leaders are increasing the ability to virtually participate in meetings, connecting now so we can publish agendas and you can find topics, so it doesn’t have to be your Users’ Group:  you can virtually participate with any group that’ll share with you. So, it’s a lot of fun … for me, it boils down to being able to go to a mini-conference once or twice a year—which is kind of cool!"


—Debbie Swayze, CAFM Systems Analyst, Real Estate and Facilities, San Diego Gas & Electric, and Leader, Southern  California / San Diego ARCHIBUS Users’ Group

Join the SoCal / San Diego AUG here  (You need not work in Southern California to participate)